OU student’s suicide puts campus on boil


HYDERABAD: The Osmania University campus erupted with protests on Sunday after a graduate student was found hanging in the men’s room.

While the police said that E Murali, a physics top, committed suicide at the Maneru shelter after an episode of depression and examination, a section of students and political parties, claimed that Murali ended his life because of unemployment and was frustrated for the delay of the government a notification of work. The suicide occurred less than 24 hours before the great alliance of the Opposition in Saroornagar to mobilize people against the alleged lack of government jobs. Members of the Joint Unemployment Action Committee called the closure of the OU campus on Monday. The TJAC coordinator, Prof. Kodandaram and the leaders of the Congress visited the campus in the afternoon.
At 3 p.m., the police rushed to the campus as protests erupted.

A suicide note recovered from the site indicated that he was afraid of failing the exam and therefore was committing suicide.

Until Sunday night, the students refused to allow the police and university officials to lower the body for an autopsy. The campus was slowly engulfed by the suicide of Murali, a resident of Gajwel, which is the home of CM. The directors of the university asked the mandal revenue officer to conduct an investigation. Political analysts said that with a massive demonstration planned against the TRS government on Monday on unemployment, politicians found the ammunition ready to immobilize the government by linking suicide to employment. Security was tightened on campus even as students raised slogans against the prime minister. Students who shouted ‘CM downed’ and ‘KCR Khabardar’ besieged the shelter.

The freshman of MSc (Physics) disappeared from his room since Saturday night and his friends were desperately looking for him, and finally they crawled him to the bathroom on Sunday afternoon and raised the alarm.

“We suspect that the student committed suicide because of unemployment, the delay of the Telangana government in releasing the notification of work triggered the depression and pushed him to end his life,” said Manavatha Roy, president of the Joint Action Committee of the University of Osmania.

Roy also demanded that the Telangana government pay compensation of ₹ 50-lakh to his family. The Students Federation of India (SFI) also condemned the government for suicide.