Names Of Members Of Same Family Missing In Assam Final Draft


GUWAHATI, ASSAM: The exclusion of names of family members in the final draft of NRC in Assam has become a major concern for many of the more than 40 lakh applicants whose names were not on the list.

Several people whose names were not in the draft have stated that they had submitted the same set of documents as the members of their family to establish their legacy date, but they were left out.

Outstanding personalities from the Barak Valley whose names are missing in the draft include Archana Paul, BJP MLA’s wife of Cachar Dilip Paul, and former congressman Ataur Rahman Mazarbhuiya.

The names of the president of the AIUDF Caching unit Samimul Islam and his family members are also not included in the draft of the National Registry of Citizens (NRC).

“This is not the final list and there is no need to panic, my wife’s name is not on the list and she will file her claim in due process, we must wait for the final NRC,” Paul said.

MLA Deputy Karimganj (N), Kamalakhya De Purkayastha, said that while it is true that claims, objections and corrections can be filed, the exclusion of the names of some members of the family is “very unfair” and the NRC process has caused a “great harassment” to the poor.

“The draft is full of errors and aims to harass people, particularly the poor who mostly work as daily wage earners and lack the resources to travel to the NRC Seva Kendras,” said Purkayastha.

Saira Begum, 47, of Bilasipara but working as a maid in Guwahati, said her name along with her daughter’s name appeared in the draft but excludes the name of her husband, who was declared the head of the family during the request and that of their two children.

“We were shocked to discover that his name does not appear in the draft, my husband and my children have to go back to the village where they asked to have their names included, our documents were the same and, in fact, I had to establish my marriage with my husband, “she said.

The leader of the Congress, Bobbeeta Sharma, pointed out that at least those names for which there were no doubts should not have been left aside.

“The names of many common and prominent personalities have been left out and that is why we have a large list excluded from 40 lakh.My husband’s name was missing in the first list and has been included in the final draft but with spelling errors. These are irritants, “he said.

The work has been done carelessly and should not have happened in such an important matter, Shrama alleged.

The head of Bengali’s department at Cotton State University, Prasanta Chakraborty, said the names of his two older brothers have been included in the final draft, but those of his wives and children are missing.

“The names of my family – mine, my wife and my son were on the first list, the names of my brothers in the final draft, but the names of other family members are missing, although we have the same legacy,” he said. .

This is probably due to the lack of competition from people working at ground level and perhaps also due to the pressure with which they had to work to complete the draft within the stipulated period, Chakraborty said.

“The large amount of 40 lakh excluded will definitely come down and we hope that the claims and objections are controlled in an impartial manner so that genuine citizens are not harassed,” he added.

There are many more who face the same situation and now they wait for the authorities to inform them of the reason for the omission of their names.

The next step will be to file your claim in another prescribed form that will be available from August 30 to September 28.

These claims will be finally eliminated after a proper hearing, officials said.