Metro depots to house fire stations


The huge Metro Rail depots of Hyderabad in Uppal and Miyapur, each of which has up to 100 acres and where the inaugural race will be held from next week, will also soon house two new fire stations entirely equipped. These fire stations will not only be for rail subway properties, but will also serve the surrounding areas, said Rajiv Ratan, CEO of TS Disaster Response & Fire Services.

The Hyderabad Metro Rail authorities allocated a space of approximately 1,000 square meters inside these two warehouses when the requirement was noted and also because it was increasingly difficult to obtain land within the capital for fire service stations. “This is apart from the 18 new fire stations approved by the government and we expect to begin construction work in the coming months so that they are ready within a year, labor and other requirements will be taken with the government,” he explained. .

Previously, the department had conducted intensive checks of the 24 metro stations on the inaugural route and issued No Objection Certificates (NOC), conducted a dry test to verify fire safety measures and also took drills on the Miyapur subway and Kukatpally stations in preparation for the Prime Minister’s visit on Saturday afternoon.

“The subway stations are well equipped with L & T Metro Rail Hyderabad (L & TMRH) installing the best equipment according to international standards but keeping them functional and ensuring that the entrances and exits are free of obstacles is a continuous process, as well that we will continue to control time for time for public safety, “said Mr. Ratan.

In fact, the fire service authorization certificate issued by the department was part of the crucial general security clearance issued by the Metropolitan Railway Safety Commissioner (CMRS) for the 30 km route. Interestingly, two experienced firefighters and the necessary emergency team will be present inside the trains when the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister and other VIPs travel on November 28 as part of the safety precautions.