“Merchant Of Hate”: BJP After Rahul Gandhi Attacks PM Over Alwar Killing


NEW DELHI: The alleged delay in providing treatment to a man beaten by a crowd suspected of smuggling cows, which led to his death, has targeted the Rajasthan police. First, they could not avoid the repeated lynching incidents of the mafia in the state and allegedly took their time to bring the seriously wounded man to the hospital. The lynching of the Alwar mafia was raised in both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha and the center requested a report from the government of Rajasthan.

The president of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, demanded to know why the police took three hours to take the victim to a hospital that was a few kilometers from the place of the lynching.

In his tweet this morning, Gandhi also pointed to Modi’s “brutal New India,” where hatred reigns and “people are crushed and left to die.”

“The policemen in Alwar took 3 hours to take the dying Rakbar Khan, victim of a lynching mob, to a hospital just 6 km away, why they took a path of rest for tea, this is the brutal one” New India “from Modi where humanity replaced with hate and people are crushed and left to die,” he wrote on Twitter.

Acting Finance Minister Piyush Goyal responded quickly. Not only did he call Mr. Gandhi “Merchant of Hate”, but he also accused him of doing division politics.

“Stop jumping for joy every time a crime occurs, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the state has already ensured strict and rapid action, you divide society in every way possible to obtain electoral gains and then shed crocodile tears. It’s enough, you’re a merchant, hate, “Mr. Goyal tweeted.

The Minister of the Union, Smriti Z Irani, used the term “vulture policy” to describe Mr. Gandhi’s policy.

“The family of Rahul Gandhi presided over the worst form of hatred in 1984, Bhagalpur and Nellie and many other instances, it is shameful that he is doing the same thing through the vulture’s policy, there is not a single case where he does not try to break the social networks, bonuses for electoral gains, “he wrote.

On Friday, minutes before approaching Prime Minister Narendra Modi and surprising him with an unexpected hug, Gandhi had told Lok Sabha that love and tolerance, not hatred and lynchings, were the way forward for India.

“You can hate me, you can be angry with me, you can even call me pappu, you can abuse me, but I do not have anger or hatred for you, I’m Congress, and all of them (the Opposition) are Congress.” This sentiment and Congress have built this nation And you should never forget that, “he said during the debate about the No-Confidence movement in Lok Sabha.

The BJP today referred to the embrace followed by a nod to criticize Rahul Gandhi for his criticism of the mafia lynching.

Interior Minister Rajnath Singh is expected to hold an urgent meeting to address the threat of crazed gangs and kill innocent people simply on suspicion.

Rakbar Khan, 28, was killed in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, where last year a dairy owner, Pehlu Khan, was beaten mercilessly by a crowd he suspected of smuggling cows for slaughter. Rakbar Khan and his friend Aslam attacked when they were seen taking home a couple of cows they had bought in a nearby town.

The men, residents of a village in Haryana, were walking through a forest area when they were attacked by the villagers in the village of Lallawandi. The mafia had brought sticks and stones. They kicked and rained blows on the two men. While Rakbar Khan’s friend managed to escape, he was beaten until he stopped moving.

Rakbar Khan, however, died in police custody. It took the police about three hours and 45 minutes before he was taken to a hospital early Saturday. The policemen were busy making arrangements for the vehicles to take the seized cows to a shelter, visit the police station, a stone’s throw from the hospital, and even take a break for tea during this period.

Congress responded sharply to the murder of the mafia.

“The murder of people for ‘suspicion’ is unfortunately becoming a norm in the states governed by the BJP,” said Sachin Pilot, head of the Rajasthan Congress.

Rajasthan police have promised a thorough investigation into the alleged delay in reaching the hospital.

The social activist Tehseen Poonawalla demanded an action against demanding action against the government of Vasundhara Raje for not preventing the murders of the Mafia in the state. Poonawalla approached the Supreme Court, which agreed to hear his statement on August 20 when the court will hear other cases of mafia.