Mayawati Hits Back At The BJP, Says SP “Friendship” In National Interest


LUCKNOW: Accusing the BJP of trying to open a breach in the new bonhomia between its party with the Samajwadi party, Bahujan Samaj party chief Mayawati said today that the “friendship” of the two parties has been forged in the national interest and not selfish ending

“The close ties of the BSP with the Samajwadi party are not for any selfish reason, but for the national interest,” he said, emphasizing that the opposition parties will have to work together to prevent the BJP from coming to power in the center.

She said that non-BJP parties should come together to address the problems faced by ordinary people, including the poor and the young, because of the “wrong policies of central and state governments led by the BJP.”

Mayawati said that the BSP-SP friendship is also welcome throughout the country.

narendra modi ptiMayawati described PM Modi’s observations about Dr. BR Ambedkar as an “eye wash”

“BSP and SP workers will not fall prey to BJP designs in the interests of the nation and the people, since we, together with all the opposition parties, will have to stop them definitively so that they do not come to power in the Center. this time”. said the supreme BSP.

“Given that the BJP is now finding that this (union) is taking shape, its leaders are issuing baseless statements against the BSP-SP relationship,” he said, days after the “understanding” between the two archrivals was subject to harsh criticism. by the ruling party, which lost the key key Lok Sabha by polls in Gorakhpur and Phulpur for the SP.

The supreme BSP also referred yesterday to the observations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the icon of Dalit and chairman of the drafting committee of the Constitution, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, in his program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and called it a ” Eye wash”.

“In the last four years of his government, they have continuously devoted themselves to theatricality in subjects related to Dalits and vice versa, and any drama on the subject will not give them any political benefit,” he said.

“The country based on the principle of equality of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar can never be a reality under the government led by the BJP and the RSS since its mentality is narrow, communal and caste, which goes against the very spirit of the Constitution, “he said. .

“Because of that mentality, the people kept her out of power for so long and now, under the BJP government, the Dalits and the laggards are falling behind,” he said, adding that the benefits of the recommendations of the Mandal Commission They have become ineffective. government as well as the reserve of Dalits.