Make soldiers buy own uniform, shoes in India: Rahul Gandhi takes on Modi government again


NEW DELHI: Congress Rahul Gandhi mocked on Tuesday of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after reports surfaced that the Center was cutting funds for soldiers’ uniforms.

“DO (empty slogans and useless acronyms) IN INDIA … meanwhile, have our soldiers buy their own clothes and shoes,” tweeted Gandhi’s shank as he shared a report from the Economic Times.

The report indicated that the Indian army drastically cut off its supplies from factories ordered by the government. The cut was necessary after the Center did not allocate funds to buy critical ammunition for a short and intense war. The cut of funds affected critical munitions and replacements for a “short and intense war”. Because of this, soldiers will now be forced to spend their own money to buy uniforms and other essential items in local markets.

Both the Center and the Indian Army have yet to confirm this fact.

The BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given a massive boost to the Make in India movement immediately after coming to power in 2014, launching several initiatives around it.

Congress, along with other opposition parties, has been slowly gaining images with each passing poll and by-elections.

In the recent surveys of Lok Sabha, the BJP of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah retained only one seat of the four seats. Meanwhile, in assemblies of the Assembly, a united opposition managed to dent the BJP’s control with the party by winning only one seat.

In early May, despite having been voted the largest party in Karnataka, BJP failed to form the government with the alliance Congress-JDS won the crucial vote of confidence.