Lot of TMC leaders to join party once Lok Sabha polls are announced: BJP


Calcutta: The leadership of the BJP West Bengal affirmed on Friday that several TMC leaders and cadres will join the party once the Electoral Commission announces the dates of the parliamentary elections.

“Several TMC leaders are in touch with us, they will join BJP once the election dates are announced,” BJP national secretary general Kailash Vijayvargiya said during a closed-door meeting here.

According to BJP state sources, leaders at the state and central level are in contact with the leaders of TMC, which includes both elected representatives and MLAs, parliamentarians and also leaders at the organizational level.

TMC’s general secretary, Partha Chatterjee, scoffed at the lawsuit and said the leaders of the saffron party live in the “fool’s paradise”.

The ruling party in West Bengal was shaken when its member of the Parliament of Bishnupur Lok Sabha in Bankura, Soumitra Khan, was changed to the BJP in January of this year.

“Our central leadership has set itself the goal of getting more than 23 seats in Bengal, and several leaders from other parties, including TMC, Congress and CPI (M), join us regularly,” said BJP State President Dilip Ghosh. .

BJP lives in the “fool’s paradise” and the defections of TMC will not affect the party’s perspectives in the Lok Sabha polls, said Partha Chatterjee.

“The people of this state are firmly behind Mamata Banerjee, the masses have full faith in it and in its development policies,” said Chatterjee.

Last year, the national president of BJP, Amit Shah, set himself the goal of winning at least 22 of the 42 seats of Lok Sabha in the state. The feast of saffron has been doing everything possible to achieve the goal. BJP, at present, has only two seats in the state.

With the goal in mind, the leadership of the state BJP has been attracting TMC leaders and workers at various levels to the party.

TMC desertions resulted in an unexpected gain for the BJP in the panchayat polls conducted last year and also in several takeovers, where the party witnessed a sharp increase in the proportion of votes and consolidated its place as the main rival of the TMC in West Bengal.

The BJP has asked the leaders and cadres of the party to strengthen the stand committee in their respective areas.