Lok Sabha live | From “fragile five,” India has become world’s fastest growing economy: Anurag Thakur


It’s Friday and it’s time for Private Members’ affairs in Parliament. However, the proceedings in Rajya Sabha were destroyed when members of the opposition insisted on a discussion about the revelation of The Hindu about the Rafale agreement.

Lok Sabha was also suspended until 12 noon. With only four more days, the Lok Sabha has to approve the Bill of Finance and have a discussion on the Provisional Budget as well.

In 2014, Congress asked how a chaiwala will run the country. But people had faith in him, he says.

We not only provide roti, kapada and makkan. We also provide data.

Mr. Thakur lists Rs.15 lakh given to an individual. Rs. 2 lakh in the insurance, Rs. 3 lakh in medicine, one lakh in tax exemption … add them, I would have obtained more than Rs. 15 lakh, he says.

The opposition is screaming because they are insecure, he says. He accuses Rahul Gandhi of supporting those who try to divide the country.

Anurag Thakur considers the reserve for the economically backward as a remarkable step. Ensures that the existing beneficiary will not be affected as the number of seats will be increased.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi could not create the food park he promised in his constituency, says Mr. Thakur.

India is one of the three main emerging countries, says Mr. Thakur. For the Congress, India was Indira and Indira was India. But we care about every Indian.

Mr. Thakur recalls the times when parliamentarians did not have sufficient funds to help people deserving of doctors. The PM help fund was not adequate either. The Ayushman Bharat serves those people, he says.

I used to travel to my constituency by bus. Today we have 100 functional airports, says Mr. Thakur. However, Mr. Thakur should still choose the path, since his Hamirpur constituency should still figure on the aviation map.
Lok Sabha | 2:40 pm

Anurag Thakur asks why the tariffs for gasoline and diesel were not reduced in the states where they govern. Mr. Thakur states that the government’s health insurance and pension plans are similar to the social security provided in the West.

Taxpayers were scared by the income tax department and this led to the generation of black money. We simplify procedures and therefore eliminate black money, says Mr. Thakur.

It says that a person with taxable income of Rs.9.5 lakh does not have to pay taxes, as long as he takes advantage of all the exemptions.

Mr. Thakur investigates Mamata Banerjee and her protest. What is your priority? To reserve the accused Ponzi scheme or safeguard a bureaucrat, he asks.