Kolkata Police Chief Fields CBI Questions on Saradha Scam in Shillong, Mamata Keeps a Watch from Bengal


Calcutta: Calcutta police commissioner Rajeev Kumar is in Shillong to be interrogated by the CBI on Saturday in connection with Saradha’s multi-fund scam.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ordered Kumar to appear before the CBI and cooperate “faithfully” in the investigation of the cases related to the Saradha share fund scam, but made it clear that he will not be arrested. The interrogation is scheduled a day later. Police in Calcutta raided two properties of a company that, he said, was linked to Nageswara Rao, the former acting director of CBI. The police action is likely to be perceived as a perfect response to the attempted search at the home of the city’s police chief, Rajeev Kumar, last Sunday, as ordered when Rao was still in command of the investigative agency. .

The company that was allegedly investigated by the Kolkata police, Angela Mercantiles Pvt Ltd, was also raided before a complaint was filed at the Bowbazar police station, police sources said. The raid was carried out at two company offices, one in downtown Calcutta and the other in Salt Lake City.

Officially, Calcutta police said the raid was carried out since the company was not registered in accordance with the law.

While initial reports indicated that AMPL was owned by Rao’s wife, Mannem Sandhya, the CBI officer issued a denial in a statement. In a previous statement, he had also explained the financial transactions.

In saying that the company was not related to the members of his family, Rao said that he had already clarified this matter through a press release signed on October 30, 2018. “In addition, the full details of all my assets. My family and mine have already been sent in my annual property declaration submitted to the government, “he added.

Police sources said there has been a “series of transactions” between the company and Rao’s wife under scanner.

They said that there are mainly three transactions: Rs 25 lakh taken as loan by the company’s wife of Rao in 2011-12, Rs 1.5 million rupees paid to the company in 2012-13 and Rs 14 lakh paid as salary to the daughter of Rao, they are being watched

AMPL is a non-bank financial company (NBFC) with its registered office at 5 Clive Row (Dr Rajendra Prasad Sarani). Until October 2018, the registered office was in the CA block of Salt Lake City, Sector-I. It was incorporated in February 1994, according to Registrar of Company records.

“There are some irregularities in the financial deals that we are investigating,” said a police source.

The police are investigating why Rao’s wife needed the money, what exactly was the nature of the transaction and what position her daughter had at the time of this financial transaction.

The company’s owner, an Agarwal Praween, is also likely to be questioned by the Kolkata police at the Lal Bazaar headquarters on Saturday.

This occurs a few days after the ugly confrontation between the government of West Bengal led by Mamata Banerjee and Narendra Modi’s government at the Center was provoked by CBI detectives detained by the police after they showed up at the Kumar residence, alleging that he had destroyed Evidence related to chip fund scams.

In saying that the IWC’s attempted raids were born out of BJP’s vendetta policy, Banerjee sat in a Dharna for three days, and only ended his protest after the Supreme Court protected the superior policeman from arrest.

But the court asked him to join the CBI investigation in the chip fund scam and asked him to come forward for questioning in Shillong. Both sides had called it a victory. Meanwhile, a new CBI team also arrived in Kolkata on Friday with specific orders to investigate the SIT that had investigated the case of the Sarchha Chit Fund.