Kerala woman, who embraced Islam, returns to Hinduism


Athira, a 23-year-old woman who had converted to Islam, has returned to Hinduism claiming she did not realize the significance of her religion.

Athira, a native of Kasargod, converted earlier this year to Islam. After his family complained that he had disappeared, Athira made a public appearance in July. Dressed in hijab, she clearly stated that she had converted to Islam in her free will. However, on the last day, she made another public appearance this time with her parents. The 23-year-old girl, who started the press conference, with an “Om Namah Shivaya” said she had decided to give back her own faith, Hinduism.

From the books to Zakir Naik

Speaking exclusively to India Today, Athira revealed the whole story.

“During my college days most of my friends were Muslims. Some began to initiate religious conversations and used to say that Hindu beliefs were not authentic. I had no response as I knew nothing of my religion. Influenced by them, I misunderstood that Islam is the only true religion, which used to give me books to read, I was really scared after reading the descriptions of hell.

“I used to listen to speeches like that of Zakir Naik, after all this, I misunderstood that Islam is the only true religion, I believed blindly in Islam, and then I decided to choose Islam,” says Athira.

When asked about the influence of external forces, Athria clearly says that no one had influenced her to become. Her friends only shared some religious texts with her to learn.

Athira to Ayisha

Influenced by her friends and religious texts, Athira decided to embrace Islam. But realizing the objection of her parents decided to leave her at home. On July 10, she left home leaving a letter to her parents that she has gone to learn about Islam. After a series of court battles, Athria decided to go with her parents under the condition that they would not let her practice the religion of her choice. After embracing Islam he also changed his name as Ayisha.

Back to Athira

After a silence of more than a month, Athira once again met with the media, this time stating that he has decided to return to Hinduism. The return is believed to be under the advice of Arsha Vidya Samajam.

Speaking of his return, Athira says that after contacting Arya Vidhya Samajam, he was asked to read the Qur’an with logic instead of blind religious belief. “When I began to read it with logic, I began to realize that many things mentioned in the Qur’an were incorrect or illogical.

It was the ignorance of my own religion that forced me to believe in another religion. Now, I am happy to realize the fact and return to Hinduism, “concluded Athira.