Kathua Rape Case Has Nothing To Do With Jammu And Kashmir Reshuffle: Ram Madhav


JAMMU: BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav said today that the reorganization in the Jammu and Kashmir cabinet had nothing to do with the Kathua rape and murder case and that it was planned when the alliance with the PDP was sewn in three years.

He described the reorganization as a “normal exercise” and said that in reviewing the situation the decision was made to give an opportunity to another five MLAs to understand the governance.

He, however, evaded questions about the inclusion of Rajiv Jasrotia, an MLA from Kathua, who had participated in a rally there after the murder of the eight-year-old girl from the Muslim community Bakerwal.

Two BJP ministers, Lal Singh and Chandra Prakash, had to resign earlier this month after a dispute over their participation in the event.

“This has nothing to do with that (Kathua rape and murder case.) Our government has completed three years in power so we decided to have a cabinet reshuffle and give an opportunity to new faces,” Mr. Madav said. journalists at the BJP headquarters in Jammu.

The BJP leader said the party had planned the reorganization three years earlier, but had planned to restrict the number to two or three. However, due to the resignation of the two ministers they were forced to raise the number to five and promote a minister of state.

He stressed that there was no double standard and the ministers made the decision to resign their positions in view of some statements attributed to them.

Those statements created a wrong impression that they never intended. The impression that maybe they were supporting the accused, that it was not a fact. As the impression was created due to the incorrect presentation of the facts, they assumed moral responsibility and decided to resign, Madhav said.

He was flanked by the party’s national vice president and incriminating Jammu and Kashmir, Avinash Rai Khanna, Deputy Prime Minister Kavinder Gupta, his predecessor Nirmal Singh and BJP’s president and state minister, Sat Sharma.

In a tweet from the president of the National Conference working, Omar Abdullah, questioned the inclusion of Rajiv Jasrotia, he said, Twitter is a free medium and allows them to say what they want to say. I have answered the question. ”

Shortly after Jasrotia took the oath as minister, Omar Abdullah asked: “Two BJP ministers retired in JK for attending a demonstration in favor of the rapist and a minister is promoted to an MLA who reportedly attended the meeting. BJP / Mehbooba Mufti confused about where they stand in #Kathua rape, “he asked.

Madhav also faced a barrage of questions about the demands of a CBI investigation into the case, especially from Lal Singh. The BJP leader said that the party’s position was that the case was before the court and that his decision would be respected.

Asked why the party was not taking action against Lal Singh for anti-party activities and provoking the people, he said: “The lawsuit (CBI investigation) was raised by various sections of society, including the bar council here. What are they all about provoking people? ”

In leaving the only woman in the BJP ministry, Priya Sethi- of the Cabinet, said: “We did not have any MLA women in the 25 members who were elected to the legislature of the Jammu region, because we wanted to give importance to women in the cabinet We decided to nominate one of our main leaders for the assembly and we made her a minister for three years, so she does not have to question our commitment to empowering women, “she said.

He said the party will continue to empower women in many other ways.

Madhav said that those who were not in the cabinet now for various reasons would continue to work in important positions in the party and the party gave importance to all sections, including women.

On reports of a dispute between the partners of the ruling J & K alliance, PDP and BJP, on several issues, the party leader said, “no coalition is easy and there will surely be ‘setbacks'”, as he expressed confidence that his party and ally PDP could fulfill the promises made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.