Kasganj Violence “Shameful”, A “Blot” On Uttar Pradesh, Says Governor Ram Naik


LUCKNOW: The governor of Uttar Pradesh, Ram Naik, today described the Kasganj communal clash as a “stain” on the state and asked the government to take measures to ensure that these incidents do not happen again.

The governor noted that such an incident had occurred in the state for the first time in the past 9-10 months and described it as “shameful.”

In Kasganj, where the situation is tense but under control, clashes between two communities claimed a life.

At least three shops, two buses and a car were set ablaze after a young man died in clashes that followed the massacre of a crowd at a motorcycle rally that was held to celebrate Republic Day.

“What happened in Kasganj was not good, the incident is a ‘kalank’ for UP, the government is investigating the incident, and should take effective measures to ensure that these incidents are not repeated,” he told reporters in Lucknow. . .

Lieutenant Governor Venkaiah Naidu recently recommended the government of Yogi Adityanath, who stormed power in Uttar Pradesh during a wave of saffron for almost a year, to improve law and order in the state.

Mr. Naidu recommended that cheif Minister Yogi Adityanath withdraw firearms from people, as they were the main cause of the crime.

“Those who have firearms must return the weapons, I want to ask the CM that in UP a large number of people have firearms.

This is the main cause of the criminal incidents, “Mr. Naidu said at the first UP Diwas event here last week.

He had said that “law and order should be the highest priority.”

Asked about the situation in Kasganj, the UP government spokesman and Cabinet Minister Sidharth Nath Singh said today that he has seen reports that stores are opening now.

“The situation is returning to normal, which is a good sign,” he added.

Some 112 people were arrested and security forces personnel intensified the vigil in the Kasganj destroyed by clashes in the western Union.

The UP Police said the drone cameras had been deployed for aerial surveillance and described the situation as an improvement.

Explosives were found during house-to-house searches, after which the state police chief said that the strict National Security Law (NSA) would be invoked against the perpetrators.

According to the NSA, a person can be detained without bail or trial and the authorities do not need to disclose the grounds for detention if they believe that the detainee may act in a manner that poses a threat to the security of the state / country or to the maintenance of order. public.