Kanpur GST Commissioner, eight others arrested by CBI for allegedly running bribery racket


In a surprising development, the IWC arrested a Kanpur Taxation Services and Property Commissioner and eight other people, including three officials, for allegedly carrying a bribe scam in the department, the PTI news agency reported. Citing sources from the agency, the report says that officials used to charge regular bribes from employers and industrialists in Kanpur in exchange for providing them with tax relief and protecting them from the department’s notices.

Bribes were taken in cash or in expensive items such as refrigerators, televisions and mobile phones that were delivered to the commissioner’s residence in New Delhi, he said.

Sansar Chand, an officer of the Indigenous Revenue Service of 1986 lot, published as Commissioner, two department superintendents (Ajay Shrivastav, RS Chandel), a personal staff (Saurabh Pandey) and five private individuals, including the owner of Shishu Soaps, were captured by the CBI in a night operation in Kanpur and Delhi, the report added when citing CBI sources.

In addition, the CBI has appointed Chand’s wife, Avinash Kaur, and Aman Shah, superintendent, GST and Central Excise, Kanpur, in their FIR. However, they have not yet been arrested, the PTI report said.

Disclosing details about its modus operandi, the CBI alleged in its FIR that Chand along with his subordinates used to charge bribes monthly and quarterly to industrialists and businessmen and added that the bribes in cash were sent through hawala channels to Delhi through Aman Janin. . and Chander Prakash, both residents of Delhi, who used to give it to Chand’s wife.

The agency also alleged that the bribes were accepted on a case-by-case basis for the assistance required by the private parties in the department.

The agency has alleged that Chand, in conspiracy with the superintendents under his command, was systematically collecting bribes from the owners of Rimjhim Ispat Limited, SIR Pan Masala, Sugandhi Private Limited, among others, but has not named them as defendants in the FIR. “Information from the source has revealed that Sansar Chand was in the habit of receiving periodic updates from his superintendents … receipt of illegal gratification from various parties,” the FIR claimed.