‘Kamaraj Rule’ In State: PM Recalls Tamil Heroes On First State Visit


Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu:

In an attempt to establish a connection with the local audience, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, quoted on Sunday by Thirukurual and peppered his speech with local names.

In his speech, Prime Minister Modi recalled the courage of Tiruppur Kumaran and Dheeran Chinnamalai, and said that his government was providing the “Kamaraj Rule”: government free of corruption for the people.

In a way, he also tried to counter the Congress that used to say that he would return the ‘Kamaraj Rule’ in the state if the power is voted on.

PM Modi went to a public meeting after launching several new projects and inaugurating completed projects.

In a state where there is a 69 percent reserve, Prime Minister Modi said that social justice is an article of faith for his government and not a mathematical equation.

On his government’s decision to provide a 10% reserve to the economically backward sectors of society, Prime Minister Modi said the measure defined equal opportunities for all.

The prime minister said the 10 percent quota would not affect the existing reserve for scheduled castes / tribes and other backward communities.

Prime Minister Modi said that for a long time opposition parties created tension in society on the issue of social justice.

He concluded his quote quoting from Thirukural that the height of the lotus flower depends on the depth of the water in the pond, and the height of a person’s development depends on his or her elevated thinking.

Thirukural, written by Thiruvalluvar, comprises 1,330 pairs of lines of a line and a half that establish the virtues and way of life of people.

Prime Minister Modi said that people should focus on positivity and commitment to serve the poor to create an India that offers a good education to children, affordable medicines for the elderly, adequate irrigation facilities for farmers and more opportunities for young.