Kamala Mills fire: Mumbai Police likely to book Mojo’s Bistro owners today after fire brigade report

Fifty two retaurants shut down business at Kamala Mill compound on the New Year night till 2nd Jan. .The 3rd day after 14 people were killed and many injured in a massive fire at a restaurant in central Mumbai's Lower Parel on Friday. Express photo by Pradip Das, 1st January 2018, Mumbai.

In the light of the Mumbai Fire Department’s report on the Kamala Mills fire, Mumbai Police on Saturday can bring charges against the owners of Bistro Mojo for wrongful death. The development comes after the police received the investigative report from the fire department on Saturday. Senior officials said they will rely on the report submitted by the fire department, which stated that the fire broke out at Mojo’s Bistro.

Among the four cases presented by the police, three were for violating the Urban Planning Law by virtue of which both the 1Above and the Bistro Mojo had been reserved. However, the latter was not registered in the case filed for culpable homicide.

“Based on the report of the Fire Department, we have now decided to reserve Bristo de Mojo in the same case in which the owners of 1Above are registered for wrongful death that does not amount to murder,” said an official who spoke in the condition of anonymity

The Kamala Mills fire started at Mojo’s Bistro, not the first fire report

Mojo’s Bistro is owned by Tirupati Restaurants and Cafe Pvt ltd, which was registered with the Mumbai Business Registry on March 23, 2017. The company has two directors: businessman Yug Ravindrapal Singh Tuli and Yug Kaushal Pathak, from Nagpur. Pathak is the son of retired IPS officer KK Pathak, who served as commissioner of Pune and Nagpur. The company was incorporated with an authorized capital of Rs 1 crore and disbursed capital of Rs 1 crore. According to the records of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, said company held its last Annual General Meeting on September 30, 2017 and the date of the last balance sheet filed was in March of this year.

Mumbai police had previously said they had a mobile video in their possession that shows that the fire that originated in 1Above destroyed the entire premises in 52 seconds. Based on this, they had registered a case against 1Above.

One official said that although the fire could not have started from 1Above, there were several violations on his part. “Eventually, when we present the bill, the charges against you will be based on the evidence gathered against the two rest-bar,” said a senior official.

The fire in Kamala factories on December 29 claimed 14 lives, 13 sponsors and a staff in 1Above. Police later registered an FIR against the three partners of 1Above – Abhijeet Mankar, Kripesh and Jigar Sanghav – all of whom are fleeing since the day of the fire. On Monday, police arrested two people, Kevin Bawa and Libson Lopez, who worked as managers in the 1Above pub. Mumbai police announced Friday a reward of Rs 1 lakh for anyone who has given information about Abhijeet Mankar, Kripesh and Jigar Sanghvi.

1Above is owned by Sigrid Ospitalita and Entertainment, LLP. Kripesh Sanghvi, Jigar Sanghvi and Abhijeet Mankar are the three partners of the company. All three are charged as wanted in the case registered by the Mumbai police. It is a limited liability company (LLP) registered in Mumbai constituted on July 25, 2016 with an initial capital of Rs 1 lakh. The company’s registration is that of Chaitya Towers Chs ltd in Mazgaon in South Mumbai.