Jio Prime Free for Another 12 Months for All Existing Users


The subscription to Jio Prime will be provided for another year free of charge to customers who have already paid the Rs. 99 membership fee before March 31, 2018. This essentially means that any Jio user who has paid for Prime does not have to buy it back and will receive the associated benefits at no cost. However, those who join the Jio network and opt for Prime after April 1 will have to pay Rs. 99 as the cost of membership. As before, the main benefits will be provided to customers for a period of 12 months, that is, March 2019. However, existing users must go through an acceptance process to take advantage of the free service for another year.

The current Jio Prime subscription ends for all customers tomorrow, March 31, regardless of whether they purchased it in March, August or January. All existing major users are eligible to take advantage of the complimentary membership for 12 months. Users will find the option to take advantage of the service for another year in the MyJio application. And as mentioned above, new users will have to pay the Rs. 99 price.

Jio said in a statement: “The continued availability of Jio Prime’s membership for new subscribers reiterates Jio’s commitment to offer a differentiated digital life experience to the Indians, and will drive it towards the world’s largest loyalty program.” .

Notably, the company in the statement revealed that now has 175 million users nationwide, an increase of 160 million in December 2017. He also said that it will provide “between 20 and 50 percent more value for users of Jio Prime, always. ”

The Prime subscription was announced in February last year when the company went from being a free service and adopted the payment model. With a price of Rs. 99 for the whole year, the subscription ends tomorrow, March 31. The main users will receive additional data at the same prices compared to the non-main members. Although initially it was an optional service, the Prime membership fee was automatically added to the recharge cost when a user tried to buy a package, so it is effectively mandatory.

The subscription to Jio Prime is essential if you want to benefit from the offers that the company offers from time to time, such as Rs. 50 discounts on reload packages with daily data assignments. Similarly, Jio’s promise to offer data rates 20 percent lower than the nearest competitor only works for Prime users. On the other hand, access to content applications, which the operator values ​​in Rs. 10,000 for the entire year, only comes with plans for which the Prime subscription is a prerequisite. Jio’s suite of applications includes Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio News, etc. However, despite the membership, customers still have to buy separate recharge packages valid to use the network.