Interpol cancels notice against Zakir Naik


Interpol canceled the Red Corner Notice issued against the controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik earlier this month, his adviser said on Saturday.

Interpol did not accept the request of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for a new Red Notice since the charge sheet had not been submitted when the application was submitted. Now NIA will submit a new application since the charge sheet has been filed at the NIA court in Mumbai.

Dr. Naik, director of the Islamic Research Foundation, came into conflict for the first time after the government of Maharashtra and the central government carried out investigations against him. The IRF was declared illegal last year. Shortly after, the NIA reserved it under the Law of Prevention of Illegal Activities, while the Directorate of Application filed a separate case against him.

“Interpol has canceled the Red Corner Notice issued by the Indian government and has ordered its officers to remove all data against Dr. Naik from their archives,” the consultant said in a statement on Saturday.