India suggests constructive handling of Rohingya crisis and not just condemnation


NEW DELHI: The Rohingya refugee crisis must be handled in a more “constructive and practical” way, Foreign Secretary S Jaishankars suggested on Thursday. Insinuating Pakistan, he said that India pursues different models of regionalism since the SAARC process is blocked due to a country’s opposition to the fight against terrorism and connectivity initiatives.

“Our goal is to see how they (the Rohingyas) can retreat (to Myanmar),” Jaishankar said in response to a question at a seminar on Connecting the Gulf of Bengal: India, Japan and Regional Cooperation organized by the World Chapter of India. -tank Carnegie. “It is better to handle it in a more constructive and practical way than opting for a strong condemnation.”

According to the latest figures released by the UN office in Bangladesh, 604,000 Rohingyas have entered the country since August 25 after the operation of the Mayan army in Rakhinestate.