In last speech of 16th Lok Sabha, PM Modi seeks new majority


The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, said goodbye on Wednesday 16 of Lok Sabha with a speech that mixed good humor with soft blows to his rivals, warmly praised the leader of the Opposition and advocated a clear majority in the general elections this spring .

Modi, a parliamentarian for the first time, shared the credit for all the work done during his tenure with the Opposition. 219 tickets were placed in Lok Sabha, of which 203 were approved, including historical laws against black money and corruption; The House scrapped more than 1,400 outdated laws, hacking into a “jungle” of legislation, Modi said.

In the past five years, he said, India had become the sixth largest economy in the world and was on track to reach $ 5 trillion in annual economic output.

“There is a lot of confidence in the country now. The main organizations around the world talk about India. India has become a place in the digital world. “Now we have become the center of economic activity with our initiatives like Make in India,” said Modi.

The 68-year-old prime minister said the world was now sitting and taking note of India and its achievements because it had a majority government.

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“The world recognizes a government with a complete majority. “India suffered throughout the world for a long time due to the fractured mandates, now it is taken seriously because of the majority government,” Modi said, while seeking re-election against an Opposition seeking to build a rainbow coalition to overthrow the Alliance. National Democratic (NDA) power.

“The [majority government] had a great role to play in our relations with the outside world,” Modi said, adding that neither the minister of external affairs, Sushma Swaraj, could claim credit for the improved images of India before them. eyes of the world. It was credited to the electorate.

“I saw the plaque [in my seat on the Lok Sabha] that only had the names of three prime ministers … The experts with liberal ideologies who give sermons every day would definitely deliberate on this,” Modi said in an apparent dig at the Congress. An image of the Prime Minister’s headquarters in Lok Sabha on Wednesday showed three plaques with names of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, all congressional leaders who have served as prime minister.

Under Modi, the BJP became the first party in 30 years to win a clear majority in the 2014 general election; He won 282 seats in the lower chamber of 543 members. The Congress under Rajiv Gandhi had been the last party, in the Lok Sabha polls of 1984, to win a dominant majority on its own. Modi said that his was the first majority government that belonged to a “gotra” (lineage) that does not belong to Congress.

The prime minister recalled his first period in the Lok Sabha and said, on the one hand, that he had learned the difference between embracing someone and moving on, an indirect reference to the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, who gave him a hug in the House. last year and then he went on, I put it on by guiding his colleagues. “I am a member of Parliament for the first time and I learned several new things, I came to know the difference between Gale Milna and Gale Parna [embracing and piling up].” I have to know about aankhon ki gustakhiyaan [prank of the eyes], “Modi said. .

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Last year, in July, Rahul Gandhi said in the Lok Sabha that the BJP could hate him, but that he does not feel anything for the prime minister. “I love you and I respect you because I am the Congress,” said Gandhi and then approached the Prime Minister and embraced him.

In another reference to Gandhi, who was absent, the Prime Minister pointed out that there had been no “earthquake” in the last five years, as some people had predicted. This was another reference to Rahul Gandhi, who said last year that there would be an earthquake in Parliament if the BJP members allowed him to talk about the controversy of the Rafale agreement. Referring to the Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge, Modi dismissed the fact that Kharge had a sore throat and could not talk too much. “It would have been nice if I could speak today, I could not hear it many times, but I used to read the details later, it was important.” His words made me think and somehow, I used to get the fuel for my speeches from his words. grateful to Kharge, “said Modi. The prime minister praised Sumitra Mahajan and said that eight of the 17 sessions of Lok Sabha had more than 100% productivity. The global productivity was registered in more than 85%. The patriarch of the Samajwadi Party, Mulayam Singh Yadav, was allowed to make a compliment, an unexpected one, to M