ICSE, ISC result declared at cisce.org, pass percentage 98.51% for Class 10 and 96.21% for Class 12


The results of the examinations of the Certificate of Secondary Education of India (ICSE), or of the 10th class, and of the Certificate of the Indian School (ISC), or of the 12th class, were announced today by the Council of Examinations of Certificate School of India (CISCE) on May 14 3 pm The results are available on the official website of CISCE, cisce.org, and cisce.azurewebsites.net.

The approval percentage for ICSE (10th class) is 98.51%, and for ISC (12th class) it is 96.21%. Last year, the total percentage of pass for the ICSE exams was 98.53%, while that of the ISC exams was 96.47%.

In the ICSE exam, the southern region obtained the best performance, registering an approval percentage of 99.69%. The western region was very close, with an approved percentage of 99.67%, while the Eastern region and the Northern region obtained 98.02% and 97.91%, respectively. Swayam Das with 99.4% of Mumbai led the ISCE exam. In the ISC, Abhijnan Chakraborty of Mumbai topped the list of merits.

How to verify the results of the 2018 ICSE and ISC exam

  1. Log in to the official CISCE website, by clicking here.
  2. On the right side of the site, there is a floating tab that says ‘Results 2018’. Click on this
  3. In the “Course” drop-down menu, select ICSE or ISC.
  4. Enter your UID, index number and progress in Captcha, and click on ‘Show result’.
  5. Your marks will be displayed, which can be printed for reference.

ISCE and ISC students can also verify their grades by SMS. For ICSE results, SMS ICSE <Space> <Unique Id> to 09248082883. For ISC results, SMS ISC <Space> <Unique Id> to 09248082883.

Highlights of the results of the CISE (Class 10) 2018

  • The total number of participating schools in India and abroad was 2,161.
  • 1,83,387 candidates participated in the ICSE 2018 exam, of which 1,00,369 were boys and 83,018 were girls.
  • 98,517 children passed, while 82,146 girls passed the ICSE exam.
  • Approve percentage in main subjects (top 5): computer applications 99.99%; Economic applications 99.97%; Physical Education 99.97%; Commercial applications 99.96%; Hindi 99.91%.

Highlights of ISC (Class 12) results 2018

  • The total number of participating schools in India and abroad was 1,034.
  • 80,880 candidates participated in the ISC 2018 exam, of which 43,052 were boys and 37,828 girls.
  • 40,883 children passed, while 36,933 girls passed the ISC exam.
  • Approve percentage in main subjects (top 5): Bengali 99.92%; Hindi 99.72%; Computing 99.54%; English 99.44%; Biology 98.81%.

This year, CISCE announced earlier that it had reduced the approval ratings for both ICSE and ISC. The minimum percentage of approval for class 10 or ICSE is 33%, below 35%; and the minimum percentage of approval for ISC is 35%, below 40%.

Students may request a review of their exams within seven days of the statement of results. The ICSE exams were conducted from February 26 to March 28, while the ISC exams were conducted between February 7 and April 2, 2018.