How PM Modi Described Rahul Gandhi’s “Hug And Wink” In Parliament


New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who delivered his last speech in parliament before today’s national elections, did not stop attacking Rahul Gandhi’s act of embracing him in July last year, followed by The Wink.

“I came here for the first time and I learned many things.” For the first time, I realized the difference between Gale Lagna and Gale Padna (a hug and someone who threw herself at you), “PM Modi said at the time when the President of Congress suddenly approached him and wrapped him in a hug.

The prime minister, still sitting, had been visibly surprised by the gesture. When he returned to his seat, Rahul Gandhi winked at Congress congressman Jyotiraditya Scindia, sitting next to him. The BJP ruling interpreted the wink as proof that the act of the president of Congress was a political trick, not a sincere gesture.

“I saw for the first time that there is aankhon ki gustakhiyan (wickedness of the eyes) in the house,” PM Modi said today, with laughter from the members of the ruling BJP.

On Tuesday, popularly marked as “Hug Day” at the start of a week on Valentine’s Day, Congress released a video of the hug with a message. “Today our message to #BJP is simple: embrace, do not hate”, published the Congress in his Instagram account.

Prime Minister Modi also investigated another comment by Rahul Gandhi, that “an earthquake will break out” if he spoke about demonetization in parliament.

“We heard about a bhukamp (earthquake) but there was no earthquake in the last five years,” the Prime Minister smiled, without specifying. “The planes flew in the house, but our democracy is so big that no plane could touch that level,” he added.