Hit by SC ban on firecrackers, anguish of firework traders escalates in Old Delhi


The anguish of fireworks dealers is intensifying at the Paiwalan Bazaar market in Old Delhi every day as Diwali is only a week away.

“We saw a child crying this morning before his father, who could not buy him crackers,” said Ajay Kumar Srivastava, owner of the store Majestic Fireworks.

“We are witnessing a setback in our commercial sale worth Rs 5-6 lakh and up as we move closer to the festival,” Srivastava told Mail Today on the third day after the ban came into effect. “We want to operate in a legal way,” said another merchant, from Ajit Fireworks. “We will not open our shops.

Finishing it as a gap-filled decision, the trader said, “The ban is out of place because people can still buy crackers. The ban is for sale, not the crackers.”

“Why was the ban lifted on September 12?” Srivasava asked. Some people simply after this trade because Delhi started to witness smog before Diwali.

Lacking another way to earn a living, merchants find no comfort in other cracker sale seasons, such as the marriage season, because people do not visit us in large numbers. “We were born in the middle of this business of crackers. Most of us do not know any other ways to earn our bread,” said Ankur Kumar, a 31-year-old trader who has been in business since he was 11 years old .

“The argument behind blaming cracker is deflating because we can see smog a week before Diwali. Decision-makers must also take into account other contributing factors before it shakes the merchant community,” he said. Vishal Jain, another trader in the market of Old Delhi.

Their situation and their anger can not be quantified, keep the merchants in the market. “The consequences of this decision taken by the apex court are not limited to National Capital. This is a knockout for operators working in the fireworks industry that operate until the end of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu,” Jain said.