Heat’s taking a toll on pigeons, kites: Experts


If you think that you are the only one that is running out due to the implacable summer, that is not true. The rescue centers of animals and the NGOs that work also register more and more cases of illnesses related to the heat, particular dehydration between birds and animals. But, the total number seems to be lower than last year. At least for Jivdaya, an NGO that helps rescue and treat injured animals and birds.

The NGOs had received 1,736 cases of adult birds and 262 babies were brought to their center in April 2017. However, this number fell to 1185 adult birds and 344 babies in April. It should be noted that the figures are only for one center and there are several NGOs working for the rescue of birds and animals.

The government’s Karuna help line also supplies several injured birds and animals and there is not a complete figure on all these cases throughout the city. By May, the NGO treated 972 adult birds and 224 babies so far against 1,324 birds and 267 babies during the same month of the previous year.

“Of the total number, most of the birds and animals that bring us are somehow affected by the heat, among birds, pigeons are the most affected and then comets,” said Dharmendra Rathod, general manager of Jivdaya. . .

In explaining why the pigeons and the number of kites are higher, Rathod said that pigeons have a large population in the city and that their numbers will also be higher. “As for the kites, they have certain feeding areas and they may not be places where they can find water availability,” said Rathod. Among the animals, the most affected are the dogs, followed by the cats.

By the way, although the number of birds that were taken saw a dip, the number of animals experienced an increase. Against 1,577 animals brought to the center in April 2017, this year the figure increased to 1,968. The NGO assisted 1,449 animals injured in May 2017.