Haryana Man In Police Complaint Alleges His Goat Was “Abused” By 8 Men


NEW DELHI: In an incident that infuriated animal rights activists, a man in Haryana filed a police complaint alleging that eight goats abused his goat.

The police said that all the accused are fugitives. The owner of the goat, Aslu, filed the complaint on Thursday.

Police officer Rajbir Singh said they formed teams to search for the accused, the ANI news agency reported.

The owner of the animal said that the goat was pregnant.

Animal rights activist Meet Ashar, in a Facebook post, said there has been a large increase in cases of animal abuse.

“People who are violent often start with animals as victims and then move on to humans.This case should, therefore, concern everyone,” said Ashar, a member of the nonprofit group PETA.

He said that a First Information Report or FIR had been submitted under the relevant sections of the Law on the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.