Gurgaon murder: Ryan’s senior officials forced me to admit that the knife was part of the bus tool kit, says the driver


Two days after Gurugram police arrested a bus driver for allegedly killing Praduman Thakur, a Class 2 student, inside a toilet at Ryan International School, a bus driver on Sunday spilled the beans on the alleged weapon used in crime. Saurabh Raghav, the driver of the same bus on which the defendant was a driver, said he was being forced by police officers and senior officials of Ryan International to admit that the knife used in the crime was part of the kit of bus tools.

“Since I am the bus driver on which Ashok Kumar was an orchestra conductor, I was questioned by police officers and high school officials and forced to admit that the crime weapon (knife) was part of the bus.I was arrested until 1.30 am on Saturday and tried everything possible to terrify me.As the knife was not part of the toolbox, I denied it categorically, “Raghav said.

As motive and weapon recovery play a crucial role in any criminal investigation, the driver’s statement adds a new twist to the mystery. The apparent intention behind stating that the knife is a part of the tool kit seems to present the fact that the ease with which the murder weapon was accessible to the driver and there was nothing to escape from outside.

Describing the day full of events, Raghav said: “There was a principal, three teachers and some high school officials present along with the police officers on campus.” Officials in civilian clothing threatened to apply me to third grade if I did not admit that the knife was a part of the toolbox. “I inspected the toolkit just a day earlier and I’m 100 percent sure that the knife was not part of the toolkit.”

Raghav noted that the bus entered the school campus at 7.55 in the morning and after the students were deboarded, left the premises while Kumar had entered the main building.

Raghav was one of the people who interacted with Kumar shortly after the body of Praduman was recovered from the toilet and taken to a wagon belonging to the main actress Neerja Batra.

“Kumar was calm, with no signs of anxiety or fear on his face, despite blood stains all over his body. He told me that he was in the hallway where Praduman collapsed. There were teachers, students and the main present on the act , but not one even took Praduman in his arms, instead he forced Kumar to take Praduman to the car, put Praduman in the back seat of the car and the teachers took him to the hospital, “Raghav told Mail Today.

He added that Kumar spent about seven to eight minutes with me and after that he went to recharge CNG on the bus.