Gujarat municipal polls 2018: BJP continues winning streak


NEW DELHI: The BJP repeated its winning performance in the municipal surveys in Gujarat, keeping the same seat count this time.

The party won in 47 of the 75 municipalities this time, the same number that had won the last time.

The Congress, however, improved its count of the 2013 elections to 16 victories this time. He had won 13 municipalities in the last elections.

“In the 75 results of today’s municipal elections, BJP has won 47, Congress has won 16, NCP 1 and BSP 1, (in) 6 nobody won a majority and independents won 4,” said state electoral commissioner Varesh Sinha .

At the end of last year, the BJP had registered a victory in the elections of the Assembly of Gujarat with 99 seats, but much lower than the more than 150 seats it had expected. On the other hand, Congress improved its account by securing 77 seats in the Assembly.

The local surveys of the body in the state were carried out on February 17 for the municipalities, two panchayats of the district, 17 talukas and 1400 panchayats of the village.