Great wall of desi-made decorations keep ‘Made in China’ out of Pune this Diwali


This Diwali festival, in Pune, the Chinese are under attack; at least all China-made products aimed at the Diwali market. And, the local market does have ‘made in China’ lamps, lanterns and crackers.

The anti-China move has come up courtesy the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who are pushing a “buy swadeshi” narrative in Pune this Diwali.

In fact, local BJP leaders have even come up with what they are calling a “desi solution” to the issue – an exhibition where buyers can easily access Indian-made Diwali products.

The “trade show” in question is on at Siddhi Gardens,DP road and Yogesh Mandavkar, who visited the exhibition said,”Why should we not prefer our desi-made products? By purchasing our product, we are indirectly helping our country by boosting our economy.”

Dr Prachiti Suru-Kulkarni, a resident of Kothrud, added, “We cannot create more jobs unless we make a market available for our products.This is not an issue of being against Chinese products, but if we have a desi solution, then why should we purchase Chinese products? We have a much better product than most others.”

Organiser of the exhibition, Shashikala Mengade, said,”People are choosing wisely when it comes to their nation.Many of us want a permanent and sustainable option and here, we are providing it.”

Ulka Sharma, a stall owner from Dhule, said, “As compared to last year there is an increase in demand for desi-made items.The demand for desi earthen lamps and lanterns is high.”

Sharma admits Chinese-made ones have been popular, but claims this is not so any more.

Prajakta Chitale, another stall owner said, “Chinese items have lost their credibility. Though they are very cheap, they are not reliable.As far as response is concerned, we have booked 1,200 orders of desi-made lighting decorations.”