Govt websites not ‘hacked’, downtime due to ‘hardware failure’: Cyber security chief


NEW DELHI: India’s cyber security chief on Friday cited the “hardware failure” as the reason why several government websites face downtime, rejecting reports of cyber attacks.

“There have been no cyber attacks on any government website or any sabotage whatsoever, it’s a hardware failure that affects about 10 government websites, Drupal is a content management software used by the affected websites, the websites will be restored soon, “national cybersecurity coordinator Gulshan Rai told TOI.

Several government websites were affected today by alleged hacking incidents, which include and start with the Ministry of Defense’s website.
When visiting, the website showed an “error” message and asked users to “try again later”.

The site also began to show, to which the news agencies refer, a “Chinese” character.

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman took to Twitter to say that an “appropriate action” had been initiated on the matter. He added that measures would be taken to “avoid any eventuality in the future”.

“We are taking care of the matter, the National Information Center, which maintains the website, is trying to restore it,” said a ministry spokesman.
An official said that Chinese hackers could be involved in the deterioration of the website, reported PTI.

However, hours after the incident, the National Computing Center (NIC) denied reports of a hack, and called the matter a “technical problem,” ANI reported.

“The Ministry of Defense website is not hacked, there is a technical problem from 2:30 pm today,” he said.

Later, within minutes of the alleged attack on the Ministry of Defense website, the websites of the ministries of law, home affairs and work were also affected.

The Ministry of the Interior denied that its website has been pirated.

An official told TOI that the website was classifying some storage problems.

An official spokesman said that the NIC, which hosts the MHA site, is updating the website’s security system, leading to its temporary suspension, PTI reported.

The website was temporarily removed as an additional precaution in the context of the ‘piracy’ of the Ministry of Defense’s site, he added.