Final countdown begins for Karnataka assembly elections


NEW DELHI: All eyes are on Karnataka as the stage is set for the counting of votes on Tuesday, three days after the elections in the state.

The vote took place on Saturday in 222 of the 224 electoral districts distributed in 58,546 polling stations.

Elections in two constituencies, Jayanagar and Rajarajeshwari Nagar, both in the districts of Bengaluru were postponed earlier.

In an attempt to stop the distribution of cash, liquor and other items to boost the electoral process, the Electoral Commission deployed three flight squadrons in each constituency, 154 general observers, 136 expense observers, 34 police observers, 10,000 micro-observers, 3.2 Lakh polling staff and members of the central police forces at all polling stations.

However, the body that governs the elections pointed out that a marginal percentage of faults were reported in the Voting Machine Electronic Voting (VVPAT) and in the Electronic Voting Machine (VVPAT).

A total of 2,654 candidates, including 216 candidates, are in the fray of the election, which is being considered as an element of change for Congress before the 2019 general election, and as a gateway to the South for the Bharatiya Party Janata (BJP)

The Karnataka Assembly has 224 seats and one party or alliance needs 113 seats to claim the government.

Since the 2014 general elections, the Congress has been defeated by the BJP in more than a dozen states, drastically reducing its political footprint.

The BJP is making a total bet to overthrow the Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka and is looking to return to power in the state with B.S. Yeddyurappa as its main ministerial candidate. Interestingly, no titular government has been re-elected in Karnataka since 1985.

The leader of H.D. Deve Gowda, Janata Dal (Secular), seeks to establish himself once again in the politics of Karnataka and is expected to offer a tough fight to both the BJP and Congress.

The BJP has submitted 223 candidates, while the Congress and the Janata Dal (Secular) presented 222 and 201 candidates respectively.

Mixed predictions of exit polls have further increased curiosity about the results. Some have said that Congress, led by its chief ministerial candidate, Siddaramaiah, will emerge as the largest party, while some have granted the BJP’s largest party label. Most exit polls have predicted that the former prime minister H.D. Directed by Deve Gowda, Janata Dal (Secular) will emerge as being a filmmaker if there is a hanging assembly.

The exit poll India Today-Axis My India has predicted that Congress is likely to win 106-118 seats with 39 percent of the vote and it will be the largest party in Karnataka.

The exit poll of India TV-VMR predicted the hanging set in Karnataka. He says that Congress is likely to get 97 seats, the BJP 87, the JD (S) + 35, another 3 seats.

The exit poll of the ABP C-Voter has predicted 101-113 seats for the BJP, claiming that the saffron party will probably reach the ‘magical figure’ of 113 seats. It predicts 82 to 94 seats for the Congress, while the JD (S) and others will get 18-31 seats and 1 to 8 seats, respectively.

The exit poll of Republic TV-Jan ki Baat has said that it is likely that the BJP will emerge as the largest party with 95-114 seats. He has awarded 73-82 seats to Congress, 32-43 seats to JD (S) and 2-3 seats to others.

According to the Times Now-VMR exit poll, Congress is likely to be the largest party with 90-103 seats, the BJP’s second largest party with 80-93 seats. He said the JD (S) will win 30-39 seats and another 2-4 seats.

NewsX-CNX exit poll has affirmed that the BJP is set to be chosen as the largest party in the state, with about 102-110 seats, followed by the Congress with 72-78 seats and the JDS with 35-39 seats .

The Congress won 122 seats and the BJP 40 seats in the last state elections in 2013.