Dubai Airshow: India marketing supersonic cruise missile BrahMos


    DUBAI: India appears to be aggressively marketing its supersonic cruise missile BrahMos at the Dubai Airshow and is in talks with countries in the Middle East region.
    In the expansion of the pavilions that boast of the forefront of aviation and defense technology in the Dubai Airshow, a stand with model aircraft, ships, submarines and missiles Sukhoi Su-30 MKI catches the attention of people passing by there in a corner.

    Two officers of BrahMos Aerospace explain the qualities of the missile to curious visitors, mostly from arms and defense companies from different countries.

    “This is the only supersonic missile on display, it is faster than the subsonic missiles of other countries that are on display, it replaced the most popular subsonic missiles,” said the general manager of promotion and export of Praeen Pathak, general manager of BrahMos Aerospace. . The product is promoted under the ‘Make In India’ program.

    “We have participated in air shows and exhibitions abroad, but this is the first time in the Middle East, we want to export the missile and we are in talks with some countries, discussions are also taking place outside the air show”, He said. He said.
    According to him, the cruise missile is better in speed, flight range and finder range in three times and nine times in energy kills compared to popular subsonic missiles in the world.

    He said: “We are promoting all versions: sea to sea, sea to land, land to sea, land to land and those capable of being launched from boats and boats.” The missile has been included in the Indian Navy and has capacity for vertical launch from ships “.
    The ability to use the missile from a submarine is also on display. A small-scale model of a submarine installed in the barn shows that about eight missiles can be launched vertically from the sea.

    The aerial version of the missile will be incorporated into the Indian Air Force on its SU-30 MKI fighter aircraft after the tests are completed. The combination of the BrahMos missile with a range of 300 km and the MKI SU-30 fighter aircraft is considered deadly since the aircraft can fly a great distance and deploy the missile 300 km away from a target and return safely.

    BrahMos is the only Indian presence in the prestigious aeronautical show where more than 160 exhibitors from all over the world exhibited their products and technology for civil aviation and defense.

    With the Middle East region in a flow due to tension between Saudi Arabia and Yemen and Iran, there was great interest among visitors for the weapons systems. Combat aircraft, drones, surveillance technology and others are popular among visitors who belong to the army.

    Big names in defense manufacturing like Boeing, Dassault, Raytheon, Rafale are present selling their weapons, planes and technology, in addition to a large number of exhibitors from the civil aviation sector.

    Pakistan has a huge two-story aeronautical stand where models of the JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft are displayed along with other aircraft that are already being delivered to countries in the Middle East.

    The air show that began on November 12 will end on November 16.