Donald Trump says US, Pakistan starting real relationship, Delhi takes stock

Washington : President Donald Trump speaks on Iran policy from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House, Friday, Oct. 13, 2017, in Washington.AP/PTI(AP10_14_2017_000003B)

A day after Pakistani security forces rescued a Canadian American family from the clutches of the Haqqani terrorist network, US President Donald Trump said he began developing a much better relationship with Pakistan. However, South Block sources are not disturbed by the comments of the US president, saying that this is the result of a family pattern, with Pakistan trying to demonstrate “good behavior” and making us believe that Islamabad is serious in its struggle against terrorism.

Officials in New Delhi, who closely follow Trump’s comments, are eager to see follow-up actions by the President of the United States. This could be part of the talks between officials and leaders of India when the Secretary of State of USA. Rex Tillerson, visit India in last week of October.

“Beginning to develop a much better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders, I want to thank you for your cooperation on many fronts,” Trump tweeted early Saturday. He said, “Yesterday things happened to Pakistan. I have said openly that Pakistan has taken a great advantage of our country for many years, but we are beginning to have a real relationship with Pakistan, and that we will be respected again as a nation, other nations “.

“They are beginning to respect the United States of America again,” he said and thanked Pakistani leaders for “what they have been doing.” He said that “in this administration, we will call evil by its name.”