Donald Trump Ready To Sign Border Deal, Averting Shutdown: Reports


Washington, United States:

President Donald Trump is ready to sign a border security financing agreement, despite not having managed to get close to the money he was seeking for a border fence between Mexico and the United States, US media reported on Wednesday.

CNN and NBC television quoted sources close to the president as saying that Trump resigned himself to the agreement drawn up by his Republican Party and the Democrats in Congress.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders did not confirm or deny the reports, but said on Wednesday that “there are positive pieces” in the agreement.

“We want to see the final legislation,” he told reporters.

Trump had demanded $ 5.7 billion for a dramatic extension of fences and walls along the border with Mexico, claiming that the United States faces an “invasion” of criminals and illegal immigrants.

The Democrats refused, accusing him of exaggerating the situation to obtain political benefits.

Trump retaliated in December by cutting funds to government sectors in a five-week close. He had threatened to provoke a new closure this Friday if his demands were not met.

The agreement reached in Congress this week will provide less than $ 1.4 billion for the construction of walls.

On Tuesday, Trump said he was not happy with the agreement, but “I do not think you’re going to see a closure.

Trump says he can still add that to other sources that do not require congressional approval, although he has been vague about how this would work.