Delhi smog: Rahul Gandhi takes Bollywood style dig at PM Narendra Modi


The vice-president of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, remembered today the lines of a song of the film of Bollywood to give an evident blow to the prime minister Narendra Modi by the toxic air in the national capital.

Gandhi gave a new twist to a copla of a song in the 1978 film “Gaman,” which looked at life in a city, and without naming Modi, indirectly referred to the government’s lack of action on pollution.

“Seene mein jalan / aankhon mein toofaan sa kyun hai / iss sheher mein / har shaks / pareshaan saa kyun hai … (Pain in the chest, storm in the eyes / why everyone in the city is so worried),” he tweeted , in a clear allusion to the high levels of air pollution.

He added a new line to the words, bringing a “Saheb” that remains silent despite being aware.

“Kya batayeinge Saheb, sab jaankar anjaan kyun hain,” said Gandhi on Twitter.

He also posted with his tweet a picture of children wearing masks and a news report that said 18 lakh people died in India due to air pollution.

The vice-president of the Congress takes these days to Twitter with a series of ingenious phrases, often using popular cultural expressions, to attack Modi, his ministers and the government.

In a recent tweet, he had drawn a comparison between the government’s GST and the Bollywood villain Gabbar Singh from the movie Sholay.

Today’s tweet comes from a toxic haze that envelops Delhi and the surrounding areas, leaving people breathless.