Delhi Police nabs absconding minor over murder of Class 9 student


A child, who was a fugitive, was arrested today in connection with the mysterious death of a class 9 student at the Karawal Nagar in northeastern Delhi, police said today.

Tusshar (16) was found unconscious by some students in his school bathroom and was taken to a hospital on February 1. He was later referred to the GTB Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Three students were arrested in the case yesterday, while a minor was fugitive. The fourth young man was arrested this afternoon from Khajuri Khas, they said.

The CCTV footage revealed that some students chased him in the bathroom, police said.

Supposedly they hit him in the neck and face. It was suspected that the student died of internal injuries suffered during the fight, they said.

Three of the students with whom he had a fight were arrested, said a senior police official, who added that they were minors.

Police said they are investigating whether there were other students involved in the fray.

The relatives of the deceased alleged that he was beaten by the students, said the official.

On the basis of a complaint from the children’s family, yesterday a case of murder was recorded.