‘Dawood Ibrahim said he’d return if kept in Arthur Road jail’


THANK YOU: A court of magistrates in Thane was informed that the fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim had offered to return to India provided that the authorities kept him locked up in the Arthur Road jail and nowhere else during the trial period.

“In fact, he had expressed his intention very clearly to the lead lawyer, Ram Jethmalani, but the government refused to accept his conditional return and to this day, Dawood has not been arrested,” said lawyer Shyam Keswani, who represents Dawood’s younger brother, Iqbal Kaskar, in a case of extortion.

Kaskar was presented on Tuesday in the court of chief magistrate R V Thamadekar by the Thane police for the extension of his custody in an extortion case.

The anti-extortion unit of Thane police named Kaskar and his brothers Dawood and Anees for threatening a Mira Road builder.

The Chief Judicial Judge (CJM), on a clearer note, asked Kaskar if he had any kind of fear and knew about the whereabouts of the other members of his family and that he should share the information with the police. Kaskar’s response was a brief ‘No’. The CJM asked Kaskar if he had spoken with Dawood in recent times. The court was silent for a moment. Kaskar replied that he was not aware of his brother’s location. Kaskar, however, said that he spoke with Dawood by mobile phone, but that his number was never shown and that he was not aware of his whereabouts.

At this time, Kaskar’s lawyer, Keswani, stood up and told the court that Dawood wanted to return to India and that Jethmalani had transmitted it to the government. Keswani added that after Kaskar was deported from Dubai in 2003, he took him to court and only then did the law enforcement agency know about Kaskar’s identity.

Keswani informed the court that his client suffers from diabetes and that he must be provided with the necessary medical treatment. The court ordered the investigators to take Kaskar to the Thane Civil Hospital.

After listening to both sides, the court extended custody of Kaskar for three days.