China calls for trilateral meeting with India and Pakistan, says ‘we cannot stand another Doka La incident’


Days after the Chinese Prime Minister, Xi Jinping, met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the SCO summit in Qingdao and accepted his invitation to visit India for an informal meeting in 2019, China proposed a trilateral summit to resolve the problems border crossings between India and Pakistan.

“Some Indian friends suggested that India, China and Pakistan could have some type of trilateral summit outside the SCO, so if China, Russia and Mongolia can have a trilateral summit, why not India, China and Pakistan?” Said China’s ambassador to India, Luo Zhaohui, as quoted by the ANI.

Speaking at a seminar entitled “Beyond Wuhan: How far and fast can Sino-Indian relations go” in New Delhi, Zhaohui called for a joint effort to maintain peace along the border and said: ” We can not stand another Doka La incident. ”

He also praised Modi’s comments at Shangri-La Dialogue. At the conference, Modi had said that Asia and the world will have a better future when India and China work together with confidence while being sensitive to the interests of others.

“Modi gave a speech in Shangri-La that sent a positive message to China, and in Qingdao, the two leaders agreed to hold a second round of informal summit next year, which is the most significant result of the Qingdao meeting (between the two leaders).), “Zhaohui said Monday.

He added: “Strategic communications, meetings and heart-to-heart dialogues are important, and what is equally important is to implement consensus, convey the personal friendship of the leaders to the people and take more concrete actions. Qingdao has shown the right direction. ”

Zhaohui also said that India and China are neighbors that “can not be far away.” “We are the largest and most populous developing countries, we share the historic glory of friendly interactions, we also have outstanding border issues, our relationships are so multifaceted and complicated that they require special care and attention,” he said.

The Chinese ambassador to India also said that India and China should follow five Cs to improve relations: communication, cooperation, contacts, coordination and control. Tweeted:

“Relations between China and India have gone beyond the bilateral scope, we have broad converging interests and face common challenges in Asia and beyond, we need to improve coordination and cooperation in SCO, BRICS and G20, and join forces to face global challenges “, He said. He said.

The Chinese ambassador’s comments come a year after India and China’s troops were trapped in the 73-day standoff at Doka La. On June 16, 2017, the Indian side stopped the construction of a highway in the disputed area. The confrontation ended later on August 28. Since then, both parties have been making efforts to restore relations, leaving behind the episode.

Modi attended the SCO summit almost six weeks after a “milestone” summit with Xi in Wuhan. The duo held detailed discussions before the SCO summit in Qingdao. They covered key aspects of the bilateral engagement and tried to resolve the difficulties of issues such as the confrontation of Doka La, and China blocked the measure of India to ban the leadership of JeM Masood Azhar based in Pakistan, and its opposition to the offer of India to the membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.