Chennai’s Sathyabama Deemed University students go on rampage after girl student commits suicide


CHENNAI: The students of Deemed Sathyabama University here made a fuss and set things on fire on campus after a student allegedly committed suicide in her hostel room tomorrow. The students blamed the university staff for embarrassing the girl Duvvuru Raga Monica Reddy after she was caught cheating on a morning exam.

The first year engineering student from Hyderabad allegedly committed suicide at his university shelter shortly after being sent from the exam room. She was attending her second semester exam and writing engineering chemistry paper, when she was caught in negligence.

“Around 10.30 am, the supervisor found her suspicious and checked her answer sheet, where she discovered that she was copying another document that managed to sneak into the exam room, Monica had written some answers on another paper She was brought in and asked by the guard to leave the exam room, “said a university official.

“Depressed by this, she went to her hostel and sent a message to her twin brother Rakesh, who is studying in the same department at the University of Satyabama.” In his message he wrote in Telugu, he apologized for his mistake of copying and asked for forgiveness , “said the officer.

Later, after the exam, his roommates arrived at the shelter only to find it hanging from the ceiling of the room. The students alerted the staff of the shelter and the police that they rushed to the place and recovered their body, which was then sent to the Royapettah government hospital for an autopsy.

Later in the evening, university students began to set fire to the campus and, according to reports, did not even allow firefighters to enter. Huge flames were seen inside the campus. A few students that Express spoke on the phone claimed that the girl was embarrassed in public, which led to her suicide and even a boy was recently publicly embarrassed by the staff of the university.

The victim’s parents are on their way from Hyderabad and none of them blamed the university. A case has been recorded in section CrPc 174 ((unnatural death) and further investigations are under way.