CBSE Class 12th Chemistry exam analysis: Students say paper easy but few questions tricky


NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) today, March 13, 2018, held the Chemistry exam for students of the Class 12 Science course.

According to the available information, more than 5 Lakh students from all over the country have appeared for the CBSE Class XII Chemistry Board exam.

After the relatively easy work of English, Physics and Business Studies, the work of Chemistry obtained a mixed review of the students.

Students who have written the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry test declared today that the work was easy with few difficult numerical questions.

Anupama Lokhande, a CBSE student of the Tuli Public School’s Class 12, Nagpur, said: “The document was definitely easy and not too long, but the 12th council should allow calculators since our maximum time is lost by multiplying divisions instead. to think about difficult questions, physical chemistry was my weak point and, therefore, electrochemistry raised a bit of difficulty for me, but I managed to do it well. ”

Eshika Choudhary of Center Point School, Nagpur, said: “Chemistry was much easier than physics, I expected a much more difficult job, I spent the most time studying organic chemistry and still, solving chemical reaction questions took a long time. These questions require application skills more than anything else, the rest of the work was very easy for me. ”

Vanshikha Singh, CPS Katol Road, said: “Our preliminary results were difficult compared to this test, the calculations of the chemical reactions and even the nomenclature were quite easy for me because I expected a difficult one. I found it difficult. ”

Vidisha More, other students at CPS Katol Road, “The exam was 50% easier than our preliminary exams and 100% easier than the last one we gave.

Calculators must be provided for the calculation of chemical reactions. The organic part was a bit complicated. Solving the last three years helped me a lot. The exams were not long and I finished a lot early. ”

Rutuja Dorlikar, also from CPS Katol Road, “The exam was easier compared to the ones we gave at school.” The calculations were easy, the nomenclature was a bit complicated but it did not last, and the reactions were also simply surprising. It was not all long and I finished all the work on time. ”

“The CBSE Class 12 Chemistry document for the year 2017-18 is an above-average article.” Some questions were difficult and required an in-depth knowledge of NCERT.Students must have a good numerical ability since the calculation is a bit long. be easy, “said Manzar Hassan, Resource Person (Chemistry), Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, Delhi.

Sundari Sree Pisipati, chemistry professor at DPS Kamptee Road, Nagpur, said: “The work was basically concept-based, so students who study the NCERT textbook thoroughly will definitely excel, it was a well-crafted and moderately exhaustive document. I thought students should have found the numerical questions a little difficult because the calculations were difficult and long, in general, it was an easy job and I think the students will get scores without effort. ”

Chirag Keshri, a student in class 12 of the Mount Abu public school in Delhi, said: “The chemistry work was easy, just the opposite of what we all expected, one could find 2 to 3 questions that are slightly twisted but all reachable. they were from the NCERT Book. ”

Nayan, another student in Class 12 of Mount Abu Public School, Delhi, said: “The work was good, but few case studies were difficult and long.”

“The document was easy, a few complicated and tedious calculations,” said Rashi of Mount Abu Public School in Delhi.

Prateek Goyal of Mount Abu Public School, Delhi, said: “The paper was balanced, some questions that were difficult needed more time to try, most of the questions were from NCERT.”