CBI vs Kolkata police: Mamata establishes herself as the Opposition leader to take on Modi


Beyond the debate over constitutional ownership and the center-state relationship, the confrontation between the CBI detectives and the Kolkata police has provided an unprecedented opportunity to resolve the debate over who is best placed to confront Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While opposition leaders telephoned Bengal’s chief minister or declared his support on social media platforms, by taking the fight to the opposition camp, the director of TMC has shown the guts and nerve to face Modi While Mamata Banerjee herself had said that the election of the Prime Minister will only be decided after the elections at the January rally attended by all the anti-NDA leaders, each regional satrap was playing a waiting game to see the results of Lok Sabha before jumping on stage. race for the hot seat But by making the police of CBI vs Kolkata political, Mamata Banerjee has given a broader message: that it is only TMC that will not be cowed by the power of the Center, that she and only she can see the powerful prime minister and the president of the BJP, Amit Shah, in the eye, without blinking once.