Caught On Camera: Man Stabbed 50 Times By Gang Of Bikers In Delhi


A man in his twenties was stabbed at least 50 times and beaten with rods by a group of men on motorcycles in the Khanpur area of ​​southern Delhi on Thursday night. The brazen attack was captured by the camera. A complaint has been filed against unknown men, police said.

Around 4 p. M. On Thursday, Ashish was coming home from the gym when he was attacked by 20 men in narrow lanes of the Duggal colony. The recording shows Ashish, in a black shirt, being stopped by two men and, in a matter of minutes, ten more bicycles, one after the other, with two men in each and they surrounded Ashish.

For the next few minutes, the horror unfolded, as the men stabbed Ashish repeatedly and beat him with rods. No one in the neighborhood came out to stop the act. The CCTV recording shows the men fleeing with bars and knives in their hands, while Ashish fell on the road.

Ashish was taken to a hospital by the locals only after the attackers left. Ashish is in a critical care unit, with no less than 50 stab wounds, doctors say.

The residents alleged that the police arrived at least an hour late after being informed about the incident.

As to why Ashish was attacked, it is not yet confirmed, but according to local residents, the men attacked Ashish for a fight on Thursday. Ashish, they say, stopped these men from hitting a child by throwing water balloons at them.

Instead of encouraging Holi, the capital is seeing several shameful incidents of vandalism this year. During the last two days there have been incidents of college girls being hit with balloons full of semen. On Thursday, students and teachers protested in front of Delhi police headquarters claiming anarchy during Holi.