Both Houses of Parliament adjourned over CBI-Kolkata Police row


New Delhi: The Calcutta and Calcutta Police dispute on Monday evicted proceedings in both houses of parliament, even when home Minister Rajnath Singh described the developments in West Bengal as “unprecedented” and warned that the Center has powers to take actions. After repeated postponements, both houses were postponed for the day. In the Lok Sabha, members of the Trinamool Congress joined in their protest by members of Congress, BJD, NCP, SP and RJD who demonstrated against the Center for developments in West Bengal, and many of them claimed that the government Narendra Modi was misusing it. The CBI.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal and TMC leader, Mamata Banerjee, started a protest in Kolkata for the IWC’s attempt to question the Kolkata police chief in relation to chip fund scams. A CBI team, which went to Kumar’s residence in the Loudon Street area of ​​the city, was denied permission, put it in police jeeps and took it to a police station on Sunday.

In the midst of the noisy protests by members of Trinamool’s Congress, Singh told Lok Sabha that “it was unprecedented” that the CBI could not fulfill its legal duty when it wanted to interrogate the Kolkata Police Chief, Rajeev Kumar, with regard to parachute fund scams on Sunday. In the Center’s first reaction to the incident, the Interior Minister said that the CBI team wanted to interrogate Kumar because “he was not cooperating.”

Making a statement in Lok Sabha about the prevailing situation in Calcutta, Singh described the action against the CBI investigation team as “unprecedented” and a threat to the country’s federal system. “There may be a constitutional collapse in West Bengal … under the Constitution, the central government has been invested with the power to maintain normalcy in any part of the country,” he said.

“What happened on Sunday, indicates a constitutional collapse,” Singh said amid the turmoil in the House. He also said that a Governor’s report had been sought. The interior minister hoped that the government of West Bengal, as well as other state governments, would provide an enabling environment for law enforcement agencies to carry out their functions.

Previously, opposition parties in Lok Sabha attacked the government for the alleged misuse of central agencies against political rivals, saying it was against democratic norms. The leader of the Trinamool Congress, Saugata Roy, said that there is a crisis in West Bengal and that the Center was “misusing” the CBI to politically capture the state.

While claiming that the Center was “constantly using the CBI to strangle the Opposition,” Roy said the party is protesting energetically with all the forces at its disposal. BJD leader B Mahtab said the incident reeks of impropriety and also questions the integrity of the IWC.

“We are not a banana republic …”, he said, adding that the CBI is becoming a “political puppet and political weapon” in the hands of the Center.
Emphasizing that the IWC should be a professional organization, Mahtab accused that the investigative agency has made attempts in Odisha to defame the BJD.

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge accused that the government was using the CBI as a weapon to end the Opposition and establish an autocratic regime. Referring to the alleged misuse of the CBI, Kharge said such things have occurred not only in West Bengal but also in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Neither the people nor any party would bow to such actions, he added. PCN leader Supriya Sule said her party is condemning the IWC for allegedly using its muscle power against a female head of government. Dharmendra Yadav (SP) and Jaiprakash Narayan Yadav (RJD) also spoke against the Center.

Badaruddoza Khan, member of the CPI-M, said that both the Trinamool Congress and the Center were at fault, adding that the CBI did not take action during the last four years. Saumitra Khan, who won a Trinamool Congress ticket and recently joined the BJP, also spoke.

Rajya Sabha witnessed similar scenes with dissipated procedures in the midst of an uproar by members of Trinamool’s Congress on the subject of the alleged misuse of the IWC by the Center. As soon as the House met, the slogan of the TMC members on the issue led to the suspension of the House until 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

The same situation prevailed when the House resumed in the afternoon. TMC leader Derek O’Brien had moved a notice for discussion on the subject. But President M Venkaiah Naidu told him that he could raise this problem during