Bihar Road Rage: Ex-JD (U) leader’s son, Rocky Yadav, is sentenced to life in prison for murder of a Class 12 student


Rakesh Ranjan Yadav alias Rocky Yadav, son of a suspended legislator Janata Dal (United) Manorama Devi, and two others were sentenced Wednesday to life imprisonment by a court in Bihar Gaya in connection with the murder case of class 12 student Aditya Sachdeva in May 2016.

Rocky’s cousin Tenny Yadav and Devi’s bodyguard Rajesh Kumar were sentenced by District Court Judge Sachchidanand Singh, who also sentenced his father Bindi Yadav to five years in prison.

The court also issued a fine of Rs 1 lakh in Rocky.

Rocky, Tenny and Kumar were convicted last week of murder, causing injuries and causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees under the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Weapons Act, implying death penalty or life imprisonment .

Bindi was found guilty of harboring a delinquent and providing false information.

Rocky’s lawyer, Kaesar Sarfudd, said they would defy the verdict in the Patna court. Bindi’s lawyer filed a bail petition shortly after the order, but the court reserved its verdict on the allegation.

Rocky has been convicted of killing Sachdeva, the son of a businessman, on May 7 last year, after overtaking the Yadav Range Rover SUV. Sachdeva was with his friends in a hatchback on the road linking Gaya and Bodh Gaya on their way to attending a birthday party.

Yadav allegedly fired a warning shot for the first time, forcing Sachdeva to stop. He then beat the Class 12 student before shooting him dead.

He was disappeared after the murder and was arrested on May 10 at a factory owned by his father. Police said Rocky confessed to killing Sachdeva and filed the charge sheet in less than a month on June 6.

Rocky was released on bail by the Patna court on Oct. 19, but the Supreme Court canceled his bail on Oct. 28 and was sent to jail again. On November 21, the court of first instance filed charges against all the accused.

Rocky’s mother, Devi, was also arrested in May for violating the prohibition law. He was later released on bail.

The issue sparked outrage at the moment, particularly since Rocky’s mother, Manorama Devi, was leader of the ruling party and critics accused Prime Minister Nitish Kumar of going slow in the case.