BHU former VC GC Tripathi faces angry students on his farewell


Girish Chandra Tripathi, whose official mandate as Vice Chancellor of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) ended on Sunday, faced angry students on the university campus when he went there to say goodbye.

After the riots that arose as a result of the sexual abuse of a student on campus, Tripathi was forced to leave by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in October. After leaving the campus, it was the first time that Tripathi arrived on campus and the students protested against his entrance with placards and slogans against him.

Sources on campus said his car was also blocked for waving students, some of whom also knocked on the doors of his car while leaving after the farewell function was over.

“We got to know the presence of VC in the campus quite late, since the administration had not informed other students about the function, since the administration had not informed other students for fear of the protests, but the students still knew and They gathered in the streets of the campus, protested against him, and when he left the campus, some tried to block his way and beat the doors of his car, “a BHU student told DNA by Banaras phone.

He was supposed to pay respect to the statue of Madan Mohan Malviya, founder of the university, offering garlands, but due to the protests, he had to cancel the plan and leave the campus quickly.

After Tripathi left for an indefinite period, Neeraj Tripathi, who held the post of Registrar, assumed the position of VC. The search process of the new VC for BHU is activated.