Kumaraswamy Knows Power of Tears and He’s Using it as Political Armour Against Congress and BJP


Bangalore: politicians know the power of tears. Some have done careers outside of it. Spilling tears in public may not be manly for commoners, but for the net, it is the best insurance against many things.

The prime minister of Karnataka and veteran politician HD Kumaraswamy knows this well. He cried in public on Saturday claiming he had swallowed the “poison” of being in a coalition government like “Vishankantha”, one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva who drank poison after the sea agitation (Samudra Manthan) in Indian mythology .

His tears reached the national headlines and the main partner of the coalition, Congress, is ashamed and worried. The opposition BJP has described it as a “drama” that should receive a prize for the best performance. Union Minister Arun Jaitley described it as a prelude to the imminent collapse of the “great alliance.”

Some political analysts interpret it as a sign of weakness and predict that it could eventually topple the government. But some argue that it was a calculated move and that their tears have served their purpose.

By shedding tears at JDS workers and refusing to accept public congratulations, Kumaraswamy has done something intelligent.

When playing the sentimental letter, he has also sent a strong warning to Congress that if they disconnect, he will be the victim.

And he also sent a warning to the BJP that he can play the same “betrayal” card that his former comrade BS Yeddyurappa, who came to power alleging “betrayal” by Kumaraswamy 11 years ago.

His father and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda also defended his son’s actions in the city of Hubli, in northern Karnataka, and launched an indirect attack on Congress and the BJP. Addressing the media, he said that Kumaraswamy was under immense pressure to deliver without a “free hand” and without a majority of his own.

Since the JDS-Congress coalition came to power almost two months ago, the Gowda have been hoping to generate sympathy. Kumaraswamy often states that he is defenseless because he is at the mercy of Congress and the opposition BJP with 104 MLA is threatening to evict his government.

The former chief minister and chairman of the coalition coordination committee, Siddaramaiah, who is allegedly upset about playing the second fiddle of his old rivals, the Gowdas, has also made his displeasure public by making controversial claims about the government’s longevity.

The BJP has been trying to portray the government as an anti-North Karnataka government, which is interested only in the development of the JDS stronghold of the former Mysore region at the expense of the BJP strongholds such as the north of Karnataka, the coastal regions and Malnad.

A senior JDS leader who is not on good terms with the party’s first family said that Kumaraswamy’s tears did not amuse him.

Speaking to News18 on condition of anonymity, he said: “Both father and son are smart people.” For me, it seems like an ingenious device to guarantee the security of the government. If Congress bothers you, your tears will generate sympathy for the SDB and may return the people against Congress. If the BJP goes after him, he can play the victim’s letter by portraying the saffron party as an anti-Old Mysore and anti-Vokkaliga party. ”

The recent exemption from the agricultural loan has forced Congress and the BJP to delay the JDS. The Associated Congress was not interested in the loan exemption for fear that all the credit goes to the SDB. They agreed only after the party’s president, Rahul Gandhi, convinced them not to make it a problem. The BJP fears that the loan exemption may work against them in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

A senior BJP leader near Yeddyurappa said they were concerned about Kumaraswamy’s pro-public image and that his actions could gain more public support in the coming days.

According to a confidant of Siddaramaiah, the former prime minister had described the policy of tears as a tactic of pressure and should be careful in the future. Kumaraswamy has defended the tears as an emotional response to some recent developments and downplayed the “theories of the intelligent political movement.”