Battling Kiran Bedi Over Helmets, Puducherry Chief Minister Sits On Road



V Narayanasamy protests in front of Kiran Bedi’s residence in Puducherry
Kiran Bedi wants the immediate implementation of the helmets rule.
Mr. Narayanasamy said that the Lieutenant Governor still has to solve several problems

The cheif Minister of Puducherry, V Narayanasamy, and his ministers sit in protest on the road in front of the residence of Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, in the latest round of confrontation between the Congress government and the former IPS official.

V Narayanasamy directed the sitting against the rule, so the use of helmets was mandatory for motorists. While Kiran Bedi wants an immediate implementation of the rule, Mr. Narayanasamy wants it to be done gradually. He also wants a retirement from Kiran Bedi as the lieutenant governor of Puducherry.

With a black shirt and a black veshti, Mr. Narayanasamy sat on the road outside Raj Nivas. Other ministers and legislators wore black towels around their necks and sat next to the chief minister. Mr. Narayanasamy said that he will spend the night outside the official residence of Kiran Bedi.

On Sunday, Ms. Bedi had said that the secretary of law of Puducherry had asked the High Court of Madras to deploy a traffic court of mobile magistrates in the territory of the Union to ensure that motorcyclists wear helmets. “The Police Department has decided that helmet use is mandatory starting on Monday,” he wrote yesterday on Twitter.

In a tweet, Mr. Narayanasamy alleged that Kiran Bedi must still resolve 39 pending issues that were raised and sent to him. This includes the release of funds, the payment of salaries and the approval of projects. She also accused Ms. Bedi of interfering in the daily activities of the government.