At least 12 dead as fire breaks out at Saki Naka area in Mumbai


At least 12 employees of a ‘Farsan’ shop on Khairani Street in Saki Naka were confirmed dead after being trapped in a fire that broke out in the store in Mumbai early Monday.

Officials of the fire brigade said the fire broke out at the Bhanu Farsan store in the Makhariya complex on the Khairani road Monday morning. The control room of the Fire Brigade received a call around 4:17 a.m. and sent three fire trucks and four jumbo tankers to the site, which arrived at 4:38 in the morning. The fire was extinguished in ten minutes and consultations with nearby residents established several workers of the store were sleeping inside when the fire broke out.

“The fire started at the level of the ground floor and the people inside slept in the attic, they were trapped in the structure by 60 by 30 feet due to the intense heat and smoke and the attic collapsed later,” he said. fire chief PS Rahangdale, Bomberos de Mumbai.

After the cooling operations were completed, the officers began to check the shattered tent for victims and removed 12 charred bodies from the remains.

The officials of the Disaster Management Unit of the Municipal Corporation of Brihanmumbai confirmed that 12 unidentified bodies had been sent to the Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar.

The Saki Naka police are now working to identify the deceased and also to determine the fire safety measures taken by the store owner. The fire brigade will soon present its report to the police about the cause of the fire, which, at first glance, is believed to have started due to a short circuit.