All Political Parties Batted for Joint Polls in J&K, Says CEC


Jammu: The Indian Electoral Commission said on Tuesday that almost all the political parties in Jammu and Kashmir have expressed their full faith in the ECI and have beaten for holding elections in the state assembly simultaneously with the Lok Sabha elections.

The team, led by Chief Electoral Commissioner Sunil Arora, arrived in Jammu on the second stage of the two-day tour and held talks with representatives of various political parties, including the BJP, the Congress, the National Conference, the PDP , the CPI (M) and the National Panther Party (PNP), officials said.

The ECI carried out a similar exercise in Srinagar on Monday as part of its efforts to assess the feasibility of keeping together the Lok Sabha polls and the assembly.

“On the issue of the need for elections, almost all political parties expressed the need for parliamentary and Assembly elections to be held as soon as possible in the state, saying that the recent participation in Panchayat and ULB elections suggests that the general population in the state wishes to have their democratically elected government, “Arora said at a press conference here tonight.

The CCA said that party representatives and the general public have full faith in ECI that it would fulfill its constitutional mandate to hold free and fair elections in the state.

All political parties emphasized appropriate security arrangements to provide adequate security for voters and candidates, in order to instill confidence in the enabling environment for the upcoming elections, he said.

“Some members of political parties wanted to continue with adequate security for former ministers and candidates even after the electoral process is over,” he said.

“We are aware of the challenging situation of law and order in the state, and the Commission will examine the appropriate security arrangements when deciding the time and phase of the elections,” he added.

He said the commission takes into account local festivals, geographic conditions and related needs when deciding the timing of election dates.

“The Commission is aware that the elections were held in the past under difficult circumstances in the state, and the J & K elections attract more global and national attention than any other state,” he said.

“We have taken into account all the views of the political parties to the state machinery, we have taken into account the point of view of the DCs and the SSPs of the districts, the IGs, the Chief Secretary and the General Directorate. They have informed us, Director of Elections (CEO) He has given us a presentation during two days of visit, “he said.

After taking all points of view into account, “we will make a decision in New Delhi and announce it at the press conference,” he said.

In response to a question about whether the state’s political leadership and state machinery are on a page when holding elections, he stopped the response.

When asked about the climate situation to hold elections in view of the Pulwama terrorist attack and the bombings at the borders, he said that “we have seen some of the best presentations by the officers, they are very focused and very precise. They all seem to be intimidated, they all know what the situation is, they do not feel overwhelmed by the situation or insinuated by it, that’s the healthy sign. ”

He rejected the detention with regard to EVM and complaints in this regard and said that they have been used for a long time. In the boycott threat survey, he said those things keep coming.

With regard to the surveys in the border areas hit by the bombings, he said that the CDs of these districts thought they could hold the elections.