All inter-religious marriages not love jihad or ghar wapsi, cautions Kerala HC


The Kerala supreme court held on Thursday that all interfaith weddings can not be seen as “love jihad” as it confirmed the marriage between a Hindu woman and a Muslim.

A division court composed of Judges V Chitambaresh and Sathish Ninan made the observations in his trial on a petition for habeas corpus submitted by the man. A writ of habeas corpus is filed to ensure that an arrested person is brought before a court that will determine whether the detention is legal.

“We are dismayed to note the recent trend in this state to sensationalise every case of interfaith marriage as ‘loving jihad’ or ‘ghar wapsi’, even if there was once platonic love between the spouses,” the court said.

The court also cited the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Lata Singh case against the state of Uttar Pradesh in 2004 to emphasize the need to foster caste and interfaith marriages.

“We warn that all cases of interfaith marriage will not be portrayed in religious scrutiny and will create fissures in the community harmony that would otherwise exist in the country of God – Kerala,” the court said and confirmed the marriage.