AIADMK speaks in two voices on saffron party


Chennai: Cooperation Minister Sellur K. Raju is clear that his AIADMK party should not cooperate with the BJP, ever. The party lost very little RK Nagar’s recent campaign due to public anger over its closeness to the “communal BJP”, while TTV Dhinakaran won his beautiful victory by attacking the saffron party and obtaining minority votes, Raju told a meeting of AIADMK workers in Madurai late on Wednesday.

“Amma (Jayalalithaa) had always been clear that we should never ally with the community BJP even while she continued to enjoy a close relationship with Narendra Modi, and then, we should never have alliances with the BJP, let’s operate independently and not entertain any alliances in the future, “said Raju.

“TTV Dhinakaran became a hero only because he opposed the BJP, people were already angry at the BJP because of the GST and many other factors.” Taking advantage of this, Dhinakaran in his RK Nagar campaign had fiercely attacked the BJP, which it was very supportive, particularly for minorities, “Minister Raju said.

While Raju was so vociferous in his condemnation of the BJP as a communal party and vowing that the AIADMK would never have a truck with him, his colleague Rajenthra Bhalaji said exactly the opposite. “There is a good chance that our party will align with the BJP,” the dairy development minister in his Sivakasi constituency said on Thursday when reporters sought his response to Sellur Raju’s attack on the BJP.

Deepening, Bhalaji told the Deccan Chronicle that there was “nothing wrong” in having an alliance with the BJP since “both the DMK and the AIADMK have had an alliance with the BJP in the past.” In addition, the BJP now governed 19 states throughout the country, so there was nothing wrong with allying with that party, Bhalaji said, adding that the party’s high command would make an appropriate decision at the right time.

Asked if Minister Sellur Raju won party approval before ruling out a future alliance with the BJP, former minister K.P. Munusamy said that the contradictory statements made by Raju and Bhalaji “are an internal matter of AIADMK and the media do not need to stick their noses in”.