Assam police registers case against Mamata Banerjee over NRC remark


Assam Police on Thursday registered an FIR against West cheif Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee, after multiple complaints alleging she made an incendiary speech about updating the National Registry Citizens (NRC) in the northeastern state.

The complaint was lodged by Gauhati High Court’s lawyer, Tailendra Nath Das, and the police registered an FIR under Section 153 (A) of the Indian Penal Code, he added.
Das also accused Banerjee of contempt of the supreme court since the NRC update is being carried out under the direct supervision of the Supreme Court.

The section refers to promoting enmity between groups for reasons of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language and detrimental acts for the maintenance of harmony.

Banerjee at a meeting in Ahmedpur in West Bengal accused the BJP government at the Center of “incubating a conspiracy” to expel the Bengalis from Assam by “excluding” their names from the first draft of the NRC, which was published at midnight on the 31st. from December.

“I warn the BJP government at the Center not to play with fire … This is a Center conspiracy to expel about 1.80 million people from the state,” she had said.

Numerous groups staged protests in Assam today condemning his statement. In several places, including in Tinsukia and Biswanath, the effigies of Banerjee were burned.

The coalition government led by Bharatiya Janata in Assam also condemned Banerjee for his comments on Wednesday that Narendra Modi’s government was “conspiring” to strike out the names of 12.5 million Bengalis from the updated NRC to eventually expel them in a “similar” move. to Bongal Kheda from the 1960s “that caused more than 50,000 to take refuge in Bengal”.

“Banerjee made the comment to attract Bengali-speaking people to the Trinamool Congress because the BJP is gaining ground in her state.” The Bengalis in Assam have had no problems with the NRC, but she is playing a dangerous game even if it means disrespect to the court, “BJP President Ranjeet Kumar Dass said.